Galga os diques

Desde a meditação ancestral nas cavernas até aos labirintos da contemporaneidade, a natureza viva galga os diques da hesitação e invade as planícies do pudor.

porfirio rubirosa


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Wang Zhi Zhi Zhi fights Sun Mingming to have move is big most: Shift restricts his too slow to develop
Sport weeklyAid of reporter Liu brave reports male basket of the national games defends crown champion to liberated army to appear eventually rather. The emancipatory army that Wang Zhi Zhi Ling holds is first-run with 91 than 58 get the better of weak force Heilongjiang madly team, set foot on Wei Mian's road smoothly. Before contest, everybody knows liberation army team is destined is to win the home, so, what everybody wants to see most is not liberation army team how get victory, however Wang Zhi mosts how to face height 2.35 meters giant Sun Mingming.
As expected, the match at the beginning, two people stood one case. Sun Mingming exceeds large body to let stand in him beside most greatly abrupt and a lot of more insignificant. Nevertheless, the match a dozen rising, the difference of two people came out now with respect to body. The first bout, sun Mingming carried penalty shot line, most greatly follow at sb' heels and to. The ball is passed in Sun Mingming hand, he is grabbing a ball left look right look, do not [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/cheapnikeshoes.aspx]cheap nike shoes for sale[/url] know to should pass which teammate. Be in at this moment, withstand forcibly all the time his most greatly abrupt a sideways, sun Mingming the ball in the hand was hit. This camera lens draws the cachinnation of full-court audience. Had not waited for everybody delay crosses a god to come, most to will a string of 1 Sun Mingming's ball made a bottom line again greatly. This, laugh is bigger. After seeing big Zhi Zaishen, defend be in an unfavorable situation, sit attendant the Li Nan below is crying to most greatly aloud, before circling ah, do not be afraid that they a string of 1, he does not receive a ball at all! Li Nan's sound penetrated whole gymnasium, audience people listening is to laugh more rock.
Most to did not accept Li Nan's proposal greatly nevertheless, still rearward defends. Eventually, sun Mingming gained aggression opportunity, he takes ball face about to be buckled, regrettablly, below the interference that mosts greatly, his ball is buckled flew. When changing big Zhi Jin to attack, sun Mingming is not adversary apparently, enormous body lets him do not have a law to catch up with the footstep that mosts greatly. And the control limits that mosted to choose knowledgeably to be far from him greatly. Although the first did not notch, but shoot a basket of the 2nd big Zhi Lianxu hits the target, only part got 12 minutes. After contest, respecting follows Sun Mingming to defy, big Zhi Xiao: This child shoot a basket, Dou Ting that punish basket is good. He is very tall really, move namely slower. Nevertheless I also had been hit before so tall, it is that Li Mingxun of Korea.
Most greatly and the one big hotspot that Sun Mingming's antagonism is this match. And the match that a medium sudden incident is the match to do not have be concerned about originally added a suspense. The 2nd match begins before long, wang Lei is in the trip after the breakthrough on the ground, expression is extremely painful, and exert all his strength with the hand flap the ground. By teammate people carry after end, king Lei mandibular joint is bitten closely. Group medical service asks him the feeling how, he said a word only: Ache!
King Lei injury is in right leg knee, it is he is in here this the position that the ligament when the cup gets hurt. Get hurt this to allow the competition that he leaves without the predestined relationship probably, also let liberation army team be in obtain make a good beginning while loss a general.

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Illinois can't keep up in 71
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP)Illinois started strong and seemed to be setting itself up foranother impressive win after defeating top-ranked Indiana, Gonzaga,Butler and Ohio State earlier this season.The Fighting Illini, though, were flat in the second half andNo. 7 Michigan took advantage.Trey Burke had 26 points and eight assists to help theWolverines bounce back to beat Illinois 71-58 Sunday.Illini coach John Groce said Michigan won because its team wastougher and smarter.''It's unacceptable,'' Groce said. ''It's intolerable.''The Fighting Illini (20-9, 7-8 Big Ten) had won five straight, arun that started Feb. 7 by knocking off the Hoosiers, and wereleading the Wolverines (23-4, 10-4 Big Ten) by as much as eightpoints in the first half.Michigan outscored Illinois 43-27 in the second half after Grocepleaded with his team to learn from its recent history.''Coach talked to us at halftime about how we came out strong inthe second half and beat Indiana, and how we came out flat and lostto Michigan State,'' forward Tyler Griffey recalled. ''We alllistened, and then we came out and played like that in the secondhalf. They really amped up the intensity and we didn't respond atall.''Brandon Paul played a key role in helping the Illini lead 31-28at halftime - scoring a game-high 10 points in the first half - andwas one of the reasons they couldn't keep up the pace. Paul washeld scoreless in a shotless second half.''I'm not so concerned about him scoring as I am about our teamscoring,'' Groce insisted. ''Teams are trying to take him away,guys have to step up.''That didn't happen.Illinois had just two other scorers in double figures, barely,with D.J. Richardson and Tracy Abrams having 10 points each.''We made a ton of boneheaded turnovers in the second half, andyou can't do that against one of the best transition teams in thecountry,'' Richardson said. ''They played smarter than we did andthey played harder than we did. Give them credit for that.''Michigan played for the first time in a week and looked rustyand sloppy early, turning the ball over the missing open shots.Illinois didn't trail until Tim Hardaway Jr. had a three-point playwith 3:30 to go in the first half.The Wolverines opened the second half with a 15-3 run, goingahead for good on Burke's 3-pointer with 16:49 left to play and hada nine-point lead with his two free throws that put him over the1,000-point mark for his career.Hardaway Jr. scored 13 and Glen Robinson III had 10 points.Freshman Nik Stauskas, who was averaging 12-plus points, missed allfive of his shots and was held scoreless for the second time thisseason. Fellow freshman guard Caris LeVert took advantage of hisopportunity to [url=http://www.newzfor.me/images/jqTransform/cheapnikejordans.aspx]cheap nike jordans[/url] play more, scoring eight points, one shy of hiscareer high.Griffey's second 3-pointer pulled Illinois within four pointswith 7:55 left, then Burke made a couple assists and a shot in alittle more than a minute to allow Michigan to get a big leadback.Groce was impressed, but not surprised because he has beenwatching the native Columbus, Ohio, play since he was in middleschool.''The thing that he's always had is competitive toughness,''said Groce, who led the Ohio Bobcats past Michigan in last year'sNCAA tournament. ''He's had that since Day 1.''The Illini are idle until Saturday when they host Nebraskabefore closing the regular season on the road at Iowa and OhioState, trying to improve their position for the NCAA tournament.Groce said the break will be good for his entire team, butespecially guard Joseph Bertrand, who landed hard on his left hitearly in the second half and fouled out with 1:15 left to play.---Follow Larry Lage on Twitter: http://twitter.com/

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